WoD 14.9.16

Strength (15min)
EMOM x 4min
5 overhead squat , light weight, from the ground.
Immediately followed by:
EMOM x 3min
4 snatch balance , light weight, from the ground
Immediately followed by:
Every 2min x 4set
3 Snatch , increase load each set , load up to 80%,focus on technique issues you struggle.

5min transition time

Metcon (13min)
13min Time window:
50 overhead squat 60/40 , 40/30kg
50 kb russian swings 32/24kg , 24/16-20kg
50 mb situps
the remaining time,
amrap : rx plus: ring muscle up rx: ring dips

Assistant Work (15min)
Rounds for quality of:
10 hip thrusts ,barbell 20-50kg
15 ghd hip extension
20 kb step lunges alternating

5min transition time

Metcon (13min)
13min amrap
200m run
12 dips band assisted
10m bear crawl
8 K2els / t2b