WoD 23.9.16

12min to establish a 1RM Snatch Balance (from racks)
immediately followed by:
8min to establish an unbroken touch n go 3RM squat snatch.

5min transition time

Metcon – 7min
For total reps:
3min amrap : Front Squats rx plus:60/40 rx:40/30
2min amrap : Kb Snatches rx plus:24/20 rx 16-20/12-16
1min amrap : Wall Balls
1min amrap : Kb Swings

Metcon -20min
800m run
rest 2min
600m run
rest 2min
400m run
rest 1min
200m run
rest 1min
100m run
Time cap 20min

5min transition time

Metcon – 7min
3min amrap : back squats 30-45/20-30
2min amrap : ring rows
1min amrap : t2rings
1min plank hold (count nothing)