WoD 10.10.18



Emom x 10

Halting Snatch Deadlift(mid-thigh) + Below Knees Snatch high pull + Bellow knees Snatch

Rest 3min

then, Emom x 3 : 1 Snatch

Level 1

Work on alternating DB Snatches Every minute x 6min

4-5reps tngo  each arm.try to move bigger weights than usual.-it’s a strength session.

rest 4min

then, Emom x 6min

3-4reps tngo each arm.Load must be heavier than the previous sets of 4-5reps.


In a time window 13min

As many reps as possible of:

400m run

20 box jump overs

400m run

30 T2b

400m run

40 kb swings

the remaining time amrap: Mb sit-ups

Coaching notes

-whatever you do today, just make sure you ll be ready tomorrow to honour “Baltadoros”!