Every 2:30 x 8
5Front Squat w/pause 3sec at the bottom
**Start counting your reps @ 60%1RM Front Squat. Move up on weight every 1-2 sets if you’re lifting well, otherwise stay on the same weight and focus on form until you’re ready to add more load. Remember that you can take bigger or smaller jumps in weight based on your feel on the day.
8 Seated (on the floor)double kb or db strict presses AHAFA – Alternate sets btwn:
10 one arm kb or db rows,each arm.

E2mom —Flow: B1,B2,B1,B2,B1
Alternate btwn
B1: 2 rounds of: 3 strict+3 kipping Hspu or 1strict+2kipping or 7box/floor hspu
B2:2 rounds of: 6 bar mu or 8C2b band assisted or 10 kipping or butterfly pull-ups —Work on hollow body form and momentum

the remaining time of the sets is amrap of du. Even if you are able to perform only 1 rep,go for du.Intro athletes or bellow 4months of training could perform singles or jumping jacks

Score is the total reps of DU