Level 2.
Every 2min x 9
Clean pull+Clean with pause 3’’ above knees

Level 1
Take 3min to warm up even better or to brief on technique with the coach .Then,
Work for 15 minutes
on triples of hang clean.
—Focus on technique elements such as body positioning ,bar path, aggressiveness and speed,Not on the load

9min amrap
12 Push ups on low parallets w/feet on the small box,or 12 regular push ups or 12 gymnastics scale down version push ups5 Ring mu or progression of the RMU on the floor
7 Push Jerks unbroken.Work on touch n go. Seek for stability, speed , rom. Rx+65-75/40-50 Rx: 40-50/30-35
L1: 1 turkish get up for each arm