WoD 14.11.18

E3mom x 8
Alternate btwn:
A.7 Double kb sdlhp inside legs + 7 Double kb rows inside legs + 7 Double kb Swings outside legs + 14 alternating kb strict presses – one arm front rack while the other pressing-alternating
B.7 Hinge Rows + 15” Hold at the top position + 20” L-sit ,
7 Archer Rows +15” Hold At the top position of a regular ring row+ 20”L-sit

Amrap in 7min
In teams of 3
ath a: Row 12kcal
ath b: Push Ups , RX+ on wooden parallets
ath c: Situps
Athletes rotate every 12kcal
Score is the total reps performed of push ups + situps