Every 2:30 x 7
4 Back Squat w/pause 3sec at the bottom
**Start counting your reps @ 60%1RM Back Squat. Move up on weight every 1-2 sets if you’re lifting well, otherwise stay on the same weight and focus on form until you’re ready to add more load. Remember that you can take bigger or smaller jumps in weight based on your feel on the day.
10 or 8 or 6 Strict Renegade Ring Rows w/feet on the box

Emom x 10
Odd: L2: 2 to 6 ring muscle ups(choose by your ability) or 5-7 band assisted rmu L1: 6-8 low parallels dips w/hip extension + Row 8/6 kcals L1:100mrun
Even: 3strict Hspu + 4 Kipping Or 5floor hspu or box hspu + 7/5 Burpees or 6/4 burpees
Immediately followed by
3min Amrap DB walking Lunges Overhead L1:front rack,

Rx+22,5/15 Rx:15-17,5/10-15 L1:7.5-12.5/5-10kg

Score is the total reps of db WL performed