Strength – 21min
Every 3min x 7set
1 x Clean pull + Hang Power Clean + Hang Clean , Increase load each set.
After each set with cleans , do:10 double Kb rows (inside legs)

4min transition time

Metcon -7min
Deadlifts 100/70kg

Time cap 7min

*scale down if necessary , to finish in the time cap.

Assistant work-21min
11min practice on jump rope or double unders
10 min work on quality rounds of: 10 ghd back extensions , 10 hollow rocks , 10hip thrusts with barbell and upper back on a bench , 30″ side plank hold for each side

4min transition time

Metcon- 7min
Amrap in 7min
7 band assisted dips
9 kb sdlhp
7 box jumps