Warm up + Assistant Work
12min Shoulder mobility with bands
12min Legs recovery with foam roller or bars massage

For time
500m row
40 squat
30 situps
20 Push ups
10 Pullups

21-15-9 For Time
Db Snatches Alternating 10-22.5/5-17.5kg
Push ups
Alternating jumps over the db x 2

Rx+:21-15-9 ,Rx/L1:15-12-9
Step lunges w/kb on a farmer carry position
Russian kb swings 32 or 24 or 20 or 16 / 24 or 20 or 16 or 12kg

Coaching Notes
Each of the following 6min sets, supposed to be performed quite unbroken.Focus on your form,pace and your breath.
0-6 : Dont leave something in the tank. Go all out, it supposed to be finished at about 4:30-5:30min. Choose carefully the progressions of the push ups and the pull-ups to make it easier to finish it in the time cap.
6-12: Keep a steady pace , and focus on breathing properly all the time.
—Dont make big breaks.If you want to take a small brake the best time is after the alternating jumps before you enter the next round.
12-18:It is the last set.Push till the end.