Warm up+assistant work
20min mobility
10min transition time + box briefing

10min mobility + 10min work on technique of Kb squat Clean
Then 10min transition +board briefing

Metcon-25 min

Partner wod , mixed levels

25 min total time capacity
6 rounds of:
250m Row each
7 heavy deadlift each L2: 80-110/60-85 L1:50-75/40-60
12 box jumps each
The remaining time do amrap ladder
4 one arm kb squat cleans, 2 each arm
4mb situps
8 one arm Kb squat cleans ,4 each arm
8 mb situps
Ath a does 4  squat cleans
Ath b does 4 mb situps
Then change and do ath a 4 mb situps, ath b 4 mb situps. Then move to the 8reps and so on..