WoD 31.10.18

Strength/ Conditioning
Alternate E2MOM x 5rounds
0-2: With double kb on front rack position, do 14 alternating presses(7each) + 10 double kb sumodeadlift high pulls-inside legs AHAFA
2-4: 5-7 Hinge Ring Rows + 10” Hold on top position + 5-7 Supinated Ring rows + 10” Hold on top position

0-2min : Row/Ski/AB for kcals
2-3min : Park run , count nothing

3-5min : Burpees
5-6min : Park run , count nothing

6-8min : Box Jumps
8-9min : Park run , count nothing

9-11min: Mb Situps
11-12min:Park run

Coaching Notes
—Focus on movement mechanics and go As Heavy As Form Allows!
—We r Looking for consistent intensity.Find a pace around 75-85% and keep moving through the 2mins.Keep low Pace at the run, catch your breath, and focus for the following amrap sets.
—Push your strong movements, keep steady at your weakest ones. Score is the total reps performed of:Row/Burpees/Box Jumps/Mb Situps