– In teams of 4
Complete 3K row for time
Time Cap 15min

5min Transition Time

Met-con b
For time:
100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squat
time cap 20min

*If you begin your training session the last 3 weeks, scale down the wod @75/75/75/75 reps
or even 50/50/50/50



Assistant Work
Work for 15min on pull-ups
*If you are very efficient on kipping pull-ups, execute pull-ups every 2min x 7sets (14min)
*Intro athletes work with the coach on band assisted pull-ups
*L1 work on improving the kipping by working on 3 kipping pull-us x 3set, rest 3min and
repeat another 4 sets

5 min transition time

Metcon – 20min
Complete the following amount of work in teams of 3
-one athlete works a time

50 kcal row
50 t2r
50m bear crawl
50 box jump overs
50 kcal row
Time cap 20min