7min to reach 80%
3 Rounds of:
0-1: 3 back squat @80%
1-2: 3 back squat
2-3: Chin Ups – As many as possible
3-5: Rest

For time
6 Squat Clean and Sh2oh rx+ 70/45 rx:40-60/30-40 L1:25-35/15-25kg
12 Burpees over the bar-laterall
18 Wall Ball 11/9 , 9/6 , 6/4kg
24 Kb Swings 32/24 , 24/16-20 , 16-20/8-16kg
18 Wall Ball
12 Burpees over the bar
6 Squat Clean and Sh2oh

10min time cap

Coaching Notes
—Slightly heavier than previous weeks.We built the load and preparing for the upcoming heavy weeks.
—At the Chin ups go all out in the minute.

—All of your movements you will perform must be heavy.
—Try to take small rest periods after the whole set of reps finished.Aim is to go unbroken in the sets of reps of each different movement.