Last Intensity Week(5th) of the Engine cycle.

«Μπαλταδώρος» Benchmark week.

Emom x 29
5 Rounds of:
a. 8-15Toes2bar/Kn2ch
b. 45Du or 30 or 15du or Sux3 or Sux2
c. 8-14 Db Overhead Step Lunges 12.5-22.5/10-17.5kg , L1:7.5-15kg/5-12.5kg
d. 8-15 Row/Ski/AB
e. 8-14 Burpees
1min rest after each round

Coaching Notes
—It is the last week of the engine cycle.Next week is deload week.Your cardio capacity must be pushed to the limits.Period.
—Find a range of reps that challenge you , but you can keep the same pace all over the workout.
—If at a min you drop your reps lower than your target, try at the next round to lift them up again, if it is realistic.
—Control breathing, try to recover as much as possible between the work periods