Every 1:30 x 8
3 Back Squat w/3”Pause

3 rounds for quality
Every 1:30
5m hsw + 5 strict hspu + 5kipping hspu or 10m bear crawl + 2-3 wall climbs
b. 10-18 pistols
c. 2-5 burpees ring mu or 8-10 burpees pullups or 6-10 pull-ups
d. Αs many trips of 5m as possible in 1:30 of: one arm walking with mb holding overhead-elbow in a lockout position

Coaching Notes
—At first it is a conditioning strength. That means your main goal is to maintain posture while consuming time under tension. Heart beats may increase.
—You don’t have enough time to recover,so Keep the load light to moderate.
—It is biological and mechanical preparation for the next strength cycle

—Work on quality movement.
—Take rest periods, that allows you to focus on technique issues.
—Think of the correct muscles that work at the time you move.Aim is to increase body awareness