Every 1:30 x 3
3 Jerk , L1: 3 Push presses
Every 1:30 x 3
2 Jerk , L1: 2 Push Presses
Every 1:30 x 2
1 Jerk , L1: 1 Push Press
While the reps decrease, the load should increase.

0 -12min : Work with the coaches on proper technique and progressions on rope climbs
12-13min : rest – transition time
13-19min :
2 rounds
0-1: Amrap rope climbs or the progressions of rope climbs
1-2: Amrap Low Parallels complex (Push up+shoot through+dip+hip extension+shoot through)
2-3: Amrap MB Overhead step lunges , or front rack

Coaching Notes:
B. Dont forget to wear knee socks or long pants to protect your skin from rope burn,while on the rope climbs.

A. Good change to try for a new personal best.